Mayor of Berlin met with Senator for Economy, Energy and Operations


Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey met the Senator for Economy, Energy and Operations Stephan Schwarz. At the mutual press conference following the Senate meeting, the two officials answered the questions related to some of the most important issues in Berlin currently.

Mayor Giffey stated on social media: ‘’Senator Schwarz and Senator Jarasch introduced a briefing document on energy security and consumer protection for energy prices for natural gas, oil, coal, and products in the context of supply chain security with raw materials for trades and manufacturing.’’

According to mayor of Berlin, the Senate is exchanging views closely with the federal government, Brandenburg and Berlin’s energy suppliers, setting up support programs for companies suffering from supply bottlenecks, and supporting measures for the energy and heat turnaround.

Mayor Giffey stated that Berlin has the lowest incidence of the coronavirus epidemic in weeks, with 659 cases. In schools and daycare centers, the rate of hospitalization, critical care unit utilization and case numbers have decreased significantly. Furthermore, she also stated that 60% of Berlin residents have received the booster shot.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created one of the largest humanitarian crises seen in decades. In wake of the attack, a significant number of Ukrainian refugees continue to arrive and settle down in cities all over Germany, including Berlin.

Mayor of Berlin said on this matter: “About 3,000 people arrive in Berlin every day. Meanwhile, 44,000 people have applied for a residence permit in Berlin. Every day, 15 buses travel from the Ukraine Arrival Center in Tegel throughout Germany to take the refugees to their accommodations. However, many also continue to stay in Berlin”.

At the same time, more than 36,000 people have gotten emergency support and benefits at Berlin’s social welfare offices, Giffey added. Almost 2,000 pupils from Ukraine have gotten school places in the German capital. (photo credit: Pixabay)