Mayor Muñoz to enhance film industry in Seville


As soon as Antonio Muñoz became new mayor of Seville at the beginning of 2022, he started announcing new strategies for the future of the city.

During the recent “Heritage Sessions” conference, mayor Muñoz presented his latest project of establishing Seville as a film industry hub.

Heritage Sessions is an initiative promoted by Andalucia Film Commission. It is a platform where relevant aspects of the film industry in relation with the territory, its culture and economy are being discussed.

Mayor of Seville Muñoz said:” The growth of tourism and culture comes in parallel with the film industry development. These three spheres are supplementing each other”. His goal is to incorporate local businesses into all sets filming in Seville. This will provide several direct and indirect economic impacts on the city.

The audiovisual industry in Spain is quite developed. During the last 20 years, around 19,000 shootings took place in this country. This industry created 180,000 jobs and generated 1,1 million euro of economic impact. Now, the city of Seville is catching up with this trend.

The presented strategy includes various activities and, as mayor Muñoz stated, the need to regulate all shootings through a legal framework. There are already several offices established in the city. These offices facilitate filming, offer permits and streamline necessary procedures.

Mayor Muñoz also aims at promoting all parts of the city for this industry. Three already established locations for filming are district of Alcázar (historical district of the city, which offers a mix of European and Arabic architecture), the Artillery Factory (old military facility, redesigned for tourism and filming) and the Shipyards, which is currently under construction.

This strategy is further supported by two important initiatives. The New Generation Europe funds will be allocated to this strategy, in order to maximize effects of it. The Seville Film Office annually allocates funds to the audiovisual industry. In the year it was established, the Seville Film Office provided 20 million euro of funds. These resources helped production of 4 video clips, 18 short films, 13 feature films, 28 television programs, 25 documentaries and 23 commercials.

The final plan of mayor Muñoz is the establishment of Fibes district as the center of a new filming ecosystem. Mayor of Seville stated at the end of his speech: “It’s something that goes beyond having an organized department to attend the production companies and to promote filming, now there is a local industry, a muscle that must be exercised and this hub that is being pursued for Fibes is a perfect equation to win that space”. (photo credit: macrovector/Freepik)