Madrid’s major urban regeneration project emphasizes on sustainability


Madrid has selected two architecture firms, West 8 and Porras Guadiana, bringing the goal of creating a 145,000 square meters “urban forest” in the Spanish capital one step closer, Cities Today reported.

Mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida has said the initiative will put the city “on the map of cities of the future, based on innovation and sustainability”.

According to the project’s website, Madrid Nuevo Norte is the largest urban transformation project that Spain’s capital city will experience, with the goal of enhancing quality of life for residents.

It intends to revitalize Madrid’s northern rail station and the neighborhoods around it in order to make the city more effective, sustainable, and prosperous. Transit will be drastically changed from a car-centric model to more sustainable mobility solutions, while the urban environment is also set to transition from concrete to greenery.

Lola Ortiz Sanchez, the city’s General Director of Planning and Mobility Infrastructure, told Cities Today: “Now we’re at the stage where we’re looking at how to develop new infrastructure in this area – everything from the metro, train and bike lanes.’’

“By developing a north-south axis we’ll connect the city’s bike lanes, and this will be a great backbone for cyclists,’’ she added.

The park will lower temperatures by three to four degrees and have a design influenced by the district’s legacy of the railway landscape, said Distrito Castellana Norte, the urban transformation company promoting Madrid Nuevo Norte.

The project’s primary construction phase is anticipated to begin in two years. (photo credit: wikipedia)