Liege introduces more measures to fight heat


This summer’s intense and unusually early heat wave caused temperatures to break records in a number of European countries, sometimes leading to droughts, wildfires, evacuations, and heat-related fatalities.

As Belgium braces itself for a new heatwave, Mayor of Liege Willy Demeyer announced additional measures that will be applied in the upcoming days in Wallonia’s largest city.

Mayor Demeyer stated on social media: “Additional drinking water points will be open to the public during the hot hours as part of the temporary terraces managed by the ASBL Gestion Centre-Ville: Place des Carmes, Place Xavier Neujean and Place Saint Paul”.

Moreover, a “watertruck” will also be set up in Rue Vinâve d’Ille in cooperation with the water utility company CILE during the hottest hours of Thursday, August 11, through Saturday, August 13. On Wednesday and Friday, the ASBL Liège Santé will also hold awareness-raising events in the heart of the city.

“During the 15 August festivities, additional water points will be open to the public in various places in the Outremeuse district. Awareness-raising activities will also be organised on the 14th and 15th if the forecast is confirmed,” he continued.

The free phone number will also be accessible daily from Wednesday, August 10 until further notice to answer questions or offer support to residents who might be living alone. A mobile crew that can visit their house if necessary could be activated as part of this service, Mayor Demeyer explained.

Additionally, he advised the residents to use the standard emergency number 112 in the event of life-threatening emergencies. (photo credit:  Rosy – The world is worth thousands of pictures/Pixabay)