Dresden planting campaign at the Annenkirche creates “opportunities for those without opportunities”

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The project of the Neuer Hafen e.V. organization has existed since 2018. It is aimed particularly at people in special situations, regardless of ethnicity. The focus is on people with addiction problems or who have experienced violence, but also on people who are threatened or affected by homelessness. They should all have the opportunity to actively contribute to urban society through meaningful activity. It is primarily about work to restore order and cleanliness as well as to beautify the townscape, primarily in the districts of Altstadt and Neustadt. The project participants are also looked after in a socio-pedagogical manner and receive an individual educational program to (re)integrate into social life in the long term.

On Thursday, October 29th, 2020, participants in the project Chances for the Chanceless planted flower bulbs on the public green space at the Church of St. Anne in the city center. The city Altstadt district office and the office for urban green and waste management support the campaign. The project Chances for the Chanceless was created on the initiative and with funding from the city Altstadt and Neustadt district offices and give twenty people. “The daffodil blooms in spring will show the participants how valuable it is to be able to create something beautiful together,” says Rainer Pietrusky, head of the project.

Together, the people will plant narcissus tuffs (five flower bulbs per planting hole) on the lawn at the Annenkirche. The bulbs come from the last spring planting of the urban flower beds. The flower bulbs were recovered and stored in the nursery on Bodenbacher Strasse in such a way that they can now be reused.

photo: ubahnverleih CC0 1.0