Copenhagen Mayor proposes a deposit scheme for takeaway packaging


Mayor of Copenhagen Sophie Hæstorp Andersen announced potential new measures that are meant to make the Danish capital even greener and more environmentally friendly.  The plan involves introducing a deposit return scheme for takeaway food packaging.

The mayor of the Danish city explained that too much packaging for takeaway food is produced, and is used only once.

” And much of the rubbish even ends up in our streets and parks. All this disposable packaging is not good for our climate, our environment, or urban life,” she wrote on social media.

In close collaboration with restaurants, companies, and locals, she proposed launching a large experiment in Copenhagen’s Kødbyen neighborhood that would involve a deposit program on takeaway packaging. The restored industrial area of Kødbyen is renowned for its hip culinary options and energetic nightlife.

“If I get support for my proposal, it will mean taking your pizza tray downstairs and getting a deposit back, so it can be used again, and again, and again,” Mayor Hæstorp Andersen stated.

“It will require us to change habits. But I believe in the project, and I believe that Copenhageners will make an effort for a greener future. Do you agree?” she continued.

The mayor of Copenhagen also expressed hope that, if successful, the concept could later spread to other parts of the city or even other Danish cities.

“So that in the future it will be as natural to go down and deposit our pizza tray or coffee cup as we do today to drop off our bottles and cans at the supermarket,” she stated. (photo credit: Shane Rounce/Unsplash)