Budget reorganization: Valencia to help all the sectors hit by the pandemic

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Valencia City Council is, once again, reorganizing their municipal budget 2021.

They want to allocate funds for their services that manage the pandemic consequences, as well as for companies and entities that got hit by the restrictions.

Mayor of Valencia Joan Ribó said: “The exceptional period experienced by the coronavirus pandemic has dragged many people in Valencia into a very difficult economic situation, has weighed down many businesses that create jobs and wealth in the city, and has forced the City Council to adapt some of its projects. For this reason, the credit modification aims to maintain and create employment, the rebound of the local economy in our neighborhoods, and the social rescue of those people who are experiencing the worst”.

The City wants to help combat youth unemployment and reorient investments for redevelopments and lighting, sports facilities or improvements in Devesa-Albufera. Valencia will also help to refloat the Palacio de Congresos, the Palau de la Música, Aumsa or Turismo València.

An extra 4 million euros are intended for social services to alleviate the context of the social crisis. 700,000 euros are allocated for particularly vulnerable people such as the elderly and children. 1,6 million euros are destined for municipal training and employment plans, while 1.2 million are intended to boost small businesses. The City will ensure 1.1 million euros for the promotion of culture, festive culture and sports and 300,000 euros will be spent for technological modernization of the City in the context of online assistance and teleworking.

The Municipal Transport Company will receive an injection of 10 million to face the losses due to the fall in travelers and income, the municipal Music center will receive an additional 500,000 euros. Two global accessibility projects in the field of pedestrian mobility are also included in this plan, totaling 4 million euros.

Many other sectors and entities will also be covered.

Photo Papagnoc for Pixabay