Berlin is providing more affordable housing for students


Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey announced that the German capital is providing more affordable housing for students.

Mayor Giffey stated on social media: ‘’More than 200,000 young people study in our city – they come to Berlin from Germany and all over the world to live and learn here. They need affordable housing now and in the future, with good infrastructure, transport links and close to their universities.’’

Berlin is renowned for high-quality education and is home to some of Europe’s most well-known universities, making the city a very attractive destination for studying, for German and international students alike.

At the same time, however, the German city has also been dealing with a housing shortage and rapidly increasing rent prices, making it difficult for residents to find suitable housing.

‘’That is why it is important that the state-owned housing companies create offers for young people who have a hard time on the Berlin rental market,’’ Mayor Giffey also stated.

‘’Berlinovo [real estate service] is also making an important contribution to affordable housing and new construction in our city with the two construction projects in Ostendstraße and Plönzeile in Oberschöneweide,’’ she stated.

This week, mayor Giffey visited Plönzeile, where 216 new apartments for students have been completed. The Mayor of the German capital also went to Ostendstraße, where the construction of 445 apartments is starting.

‘’Students can rent their apartments here for as little as 390 euros. Affordable and good,’’ Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey stated. (photo credit: Felix Neudecker/Unsplash)