Berlin: Important center for medical research and innovation


Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey attended the opening of the new corporate headquarters of Sanofi Germany in Lützowstraße, where 400 employees will work in the future.

Mayor Giffey stated on social media: ‘’Berlin has developed into one of the leading international health sites in the past twenty years. Health economy, healthcare and life science are central pillars of our metropolitan region today and engines of growth and employment. Sanofi also plays a significant role in this.’’

Sanofi was established in 1973 and is involved in pharmaceutical drug research, development, manufacturing, and marketing. Moreover, Sanofi participates in publically sponsored joint research projects with other industry and academic partners in addition to internal research and development.

‘’The company has been there from the beginning, has taken advantage of Berlin’s opportunities and potential, and has grown steadily for 22 years. The Senate will continue to work to ensure that companies like Sanofi find the best conditions in Berlin to work well, to retain and create sustainable jobs for Berliners and to be able to develop successfully,’’ mayor of Berlin further stated.

‘’Further strengthening Berlin as a liveable city with an excellent science and health profile remains our common goal,’’ mayor Giffey also said.

Generally speaking, the German capital is one of Europe’s largest and most diverse science regions, with the highest concentration of university and institutional research centers. That makes Berlin an excellent location for companies who wish to innovate, research and take on new challenges. Berlin is particularly known for being the centre of innovations in biotechnology and medical technology.

In November this year, Berlin will also host the 15th European Public Health Conference, an annually organised scientific conference on public health issues in Europe. ‘Strengthening health systems: enhancing population health and being ready for the unexpected’ will be the main theme of the Berlin 2022 event, scheduled for from 9 – 12 November. (photo credit: wikimedia)