Amid heatwave, Padua delivers medicines to its oldest residents for free


A persistent and record-breaking heat wave that has been scorching western Europe this summer has made life particularly hard for senior citizens.

The Italian city of Padua has introduced a new measure that is meant to help the charming city’s oldest residents, particularly those who are living alone.

From August 5th, free home delivery of medicines will be provided to all Padua residents above the age of 65, Mayor of Padua Sergio Giordani said.

Mayor Giordani stated on social media: ‘’From Friday 5 August, in the face of the great heat, the home delivery of medicines will start for all citizens, aged 65 and over, who have requested the necessary prescription from their doctor.’’

All residents of the city in Northern Italy’s Veneto region who meet the age requirement will be able to schedule a delivery in a very simple manner via phone.

‘’Thanks to the collaboration between the Department of Social Services, the Senior Age Creative Activities Office, and the CSV of Padua and Rovigo, a new service has arrived to help the elderly who, especially if they live alone, may also find it difficult to retrieve medicines during this strong heat wave,’’ Mayor Giordani further stated.

In this way, the historic Italian city has once again proved that it always makes sure that the needs of all residents, especially the most vulnerable ones, are met.

‘’For a city that leaves nobody behind,’’ Mayor of Padua Sergio Giordani added. (photo credit: Clovis Wood Photography/Unsplash)