Celebrating culture and sustainability: the Ágora Valéncia pavilion project 


Mayor of Valencia Joan Ribó has recently presented the Ágora Valéncia pavilion project. This is an architectural installation that will serve as the headquarters and meeting place for participants and visitors to the World Design Capital 2022 event which will take place in the city in June.

Valencia is the eighth city to be designated World Design Capital 2022, and the city has become a leading example of effective and strategic use of design in public policy, which has resulted in a beneficial impact on industries, infrastructure and mobility.

The city of Valencia was chosen as the venue for this event back in September 2019. The other finalist was Bangalore.

The removable building is called The Ágora and it has been designed by the Valencian architect, Miguel Arraiz, with a budget of 480,000 euro.

This sustainable and inclusive building will represent good design, while also being the motivation for reinforcing the creativity of Valencian design. The building represents a sustainable project because it will be made 50% out of recycled materials.

The city is determined to use this unique opportunity as World Design Capital to communicate and empower citizens, within and outside traditional design disciplines, but also to participate in a year-long program that celebrates design and its power to improve the overall quality of life.

The Agora building will represent the best of local design and architecture. Its construction has already started and will take two months to complete. After the end of the event, the building will be moved to Valencia Marina. (photo credit: Valencia official website)