Dresden as one of the leading high-tech locations in Europe

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Vodafone Germany announced the establishment of a 5G R&D facility in the city of Dresden.

Mayor of Dresden Dirk Hilbert said: “The interaction of numerous companies, institutes and startups makes Dresden one of the leading high-tech locations in Europe. Vodafone’s decision underlines this twice again. Our excellent universities train talented people in demand around the world, especially in the MINT [mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology] subjects, who now have another very attractive opportunity on site”.

CEO of Vodafone Germany Hannes Ametsreiter stated: “In 2020, as Vodafone, we brought 5G to Germany for the first time. And from 2021 we now want to develop 6G in Dresden from Germany for the world. Our signal for this country: The future of digitization is being devised in Germany”.

The new center will focus on research and development into technologies such as 5G and future 6G systems, as well as specific applications in the fields of autonomous driving, connected agriculture, chemistry and construction, and OpenRAN and it will generate more than 200 highly qualified jobs over the next few years.

Vodafone initially launched its 5G network in Germany in 2019, on 3.5 GHz frequencies that it acquired from Telefónica in 2018.

Photo credit: rcrwireless