First German city to offer Covid recovery certificates online

City of Cologne has become the first German city to offer online Covid-19 certificate service for all those who are considered “recovered” from the disease. This means it is no longer required to go to the GP or pharmacy and to prove the status by providing a positive PCR test in order to receive the certificate.

This is a great step toward better and easier future since Germany requires the certificate for basic things such as visit to the cinema, restaurant or gym.

Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker stated: “this is aanother building block in our digital pandemic management. Infection and recovery data of our citizens are first and foremost available in the municipal health department, so it was obvious for us as a digital city that we want to provide this new service directly for our citizens. It goes without saying that we are successfully working together with our experts from the city community.”

In order to launch the new system, Cologne City had to receive accreditation from the Federal Health Ministry to ensure that the certificates had the same level of forgery protection and value as other nationally issued health passes, reports This means they can be used EU wide.

Though Cologne is the first municipality to get this accreditation, it may not be the last. If other states and municipalities decide to follow suit, people who’ve recovered could be set to get their certificates of recovery at the click of a button in other cities and towns around the country.


Photo credit: Lucas Carl/Unsplash