Tallinn: Recycling van cruising around the city

During the European week for waste reduction (EWWR), a recycling vehicle will be driving through Tallinn, the capital of Estonia which is led by mayor Mihhail Kolvart.

EWWR encourages all Europeans to carry out awareness-raising actions about sustainable resources and waste management during one week in November, but naturally, with the purpose of implementing these actions as much as possible throughout the whole year.

The message EWWR sends is simple: reducing consumption, reusing products and materials, and recycling waste.

In order to make things convenient for re-use, the Uuskasutuskeskus vehicle will be collecting rounds around the city between 22-27 November and taking them to the recycling center. For better productivity, action is organized in cooperation with Tallinn Strategy Center, and the vehicle will be covering five different parts of the city.

The recycling center works closely with student associations, art students, and artisans whose task is to find uses for a variety of materials.

Tallinn’s authority official Mart Luik said: “The circular economy is an important aspect of maintaining a livable environment”. He added that people can’t live indefinitely at the expense of nature without it finally coming back to them like a boomerang.

Also, through this action, Tallinn Social Work Center will be supporting homeless people, so they called citizens to bring clothes, shoes, toys, and any other non-broken goods for donations.

The only condition for the things to be accepted at the recycling van is that they have to be cherished. Some of them are going on sale in 16 stores across Estonia, plus one e-store. The other part of the things will be given to those in need, including larger families, women’s shelters, animal shelters, etc.

To get the best from this week of awakening consciousness for the importance of recycling, citizens of Tallinn will also have the opportunity to take their old goods to shopping malls, where specialized collecting rooms will be placed.

Besides this campaign, the collection of end-of-life vehicles will also be organized in Tallinn, lasting until the first week in December.


Photo credit: Tallinn.ee