Seville to start naming and categorizing heat waves

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The city of Seville announced their plans to start naming and categorizing heat waves in the same way tropical storms and hurricanes are named in other parts of the world. Seville, which is located in one of the hottest regions of Spain, is going to become the first major city in the world to do such thing.

Mayor of Seville Juan Espadas stated: “Extreme heat waves are becoming more frequent and devastating as a direct effect from climate change. Local governments should address the threat heat poses to our populations, particularly the most vulnerable, by raising awareness of heat-health related hazards through evidence based data and science”.

The system of categorizing heat waves will be based on their impact on human health. This will also help the city’s emergency and disaster planning: if a heat wave is ranked as particularly hot and dangerous, categorizing it as so could lead the city to open more air conditioned shelters or add extra staff in hospital emergency rooms, reports

The system is being defined thanks to the collaboration between the City, Spain’s meteorological agency Atlantic Council, Spanish Agency for Climate Change and two universities.


Photo credit: Joan Oger/Unsplash