New green lungs of Valencia


The city of Valencia is going to allocate 9 million euros into expanding the Benicalap Park for an additional 70 000 square meters.

Mayor of Valencia Joan Ribo,stated via social media the following: “Valencia will have new green lungs. The expansion of the Benicalap Park will bring the renaturalization of 113 646 square meters with gardens, children’s play areas, public sports facilities and garden spaces. “

The project will be done in three phases and involves an additional green area between the current park and the northern ring road. The basics of the project will go through the governing board, as an ambitious initiative divided into three phases.

“A third of the surface will be used for agriculture”, said architect Miquel del Rey, who was in charge of drafting the basics of the project. The park will mostly consist of open and unfenced area. Valencia will also rebuild a pedestrian plaza and new pavement. 

Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Urban Development and Renewal Sandra Gómez stressed that this action is an addition to those being developed to renaturalize the city, create green lungs and reduce carbon emissions.

According to Gómez, Benicalap is “one of the great parks in the city” and will advance the goal of the city being “surrounded by big green lungs”. 

The extension of the Benicalap Park implies another 70,000 square metres, which means the total area surface will amount to 113,646 square meters. It will allow new green areas in the city to be built, but also preserve and protect the orchard lands.

Gómez emphasized that the project has an “agricultural character”, as it keeps the agricultural land in production and recovers old roads. The extension of the park will be separated with a large green barrier and in the northernmost part there will be space for sporting fields with recreational equipment, a skate park, as well as petanque bowling courts.


Photo credit: Reiseuhu/Unsplash