Mayor Ribó: “Youth is the factor that introduces dynamism”

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Mayor of Valencia Joan Ribó attended the award ceremony Premis Rei Jaume I, awards given annually for achievements in research and entrepreneurship.

During his speech, mayor Ribó said: “Talent is in the classrooms and laboratories of our universities, waiting for opportunities in our companies and organizations”. In his campaign to keep the youth in the city, he pointed out the importance of greater engagement of administration in this process.

Mayor of Valencia Joan Ribó also stated the importance and benefits of investing into the field of science and research and incorporating the youth in the whole process. In his opinion, all this can be achieved through various measures and benefits for young, educated and talented people. 

He said that, in his vision of the future for Valencia, youth is the factor that introduces dynamism. Moreover, it is necessary to establish “a great alliance formed by institutions, such as the City Council of Valencia, and the strong support from sponsors, who are committed to promoting the common good, the progress of society, the well-being of people and environmental sustainability”.

Mayor of Valencia concluded: “ We need a firm commitment and a determined investments by institutions that will facilitate the development of all initiatives aimed at improving the world making it healthier, more sustainable and more egalitarian”. 


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