Athens is making the changes to create the right conditions tο attract tourists

Recently, mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis referred to the huge efforts being made to promote the city’s preparation for the summer season with the support of the “Athens Tourism Partnership” initiative. It is an initiative that promotes Athens as an all-year round city break destination.

Mayor Bakoyannis said: “Our aim is to limit the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on Athens’ tourism industry and create the circumstances that will lead with safety to the next day. Everyday life is strongly connected to tourism. Therefore, tourism infrastructure must first satisfy Athens’ residents. We are not investing in tourism in order to change the city. We are making the changes that Athens needs in order to create the right conditions tο attract tourism”.

The mayor also announced that Athens will launch a new campaign to promote the city as a safe tourism destination: “Responding to the new reality – in the post-Covid period – we have prepared a special campaign that aims to maintain the destination’s positive image. We will present this campaign very soon”, he noted.

AEGEAN Airlines is also a part of the Athens Tourism Partnership along with the City of Athens and Athens International Airport. AEGEAN CEO Eftichios Vasilakis stated: “We wish to bring more visitors to Athens, as well as people that wish to live and work in the city. The pandemic has allowed us to discover this trend and technology has made it possible. It is a positive trend that can offer a breath of life into the city and prove that together with our visitors, we can enjoy and create”. Photo source Travel Trade Athens