Paris on its best way of becoming the greenest city in Europe by 2030

Paris, the most populous city in France and one of the most recognized cities in the world which usually attracts millions of tourists every year because of its rich history, numerous monuments, museums and churches, is certainly not one of the world cities which one would associate with greenery or openness to change.

However, since mayor Anne Hidalgo is leading the City of Paris from 2014, she is not stopping with placing green policies as the primary issue in her campaigns. And through all that time, she has been working very hard in acting on greenery in he city. Some of the major things that have been made during the last five years are around 1,500 kilometres of bike lanes. Furthermore, major roads, including the quais that run alongside the River Seine in the very centre, have been shut off to traffic entirely and plazas of Madeleine, Nation and Bastille have been redesigned to make them more pedestrian-friendly. Also, from 2024, all diesel cars will be banned from the city, and petrol cars by 2030.

In 2020, Paris turned more than 60 kilometres of roads into bike lanes and banned cars from the Rue de Rivoli street (from Louvre to Bastille square).

Mayor Hidalgo also has strong plans with planting areas throughout Paris in the upcoming years: by 2030, more than 170,000 trees will be planted, with 50 percent of the city covered by planted areas. building codes have been loosened so it is much easier for Parisians to plant trees in their neighbourhoods. It’s all in line with what Hidalgo told The New York Times was one of her major goals: “to build this city around the individual”. One simple way to do that, she added, was to put nature back into urban life.

By 2024, the year when Paris is hosting 2024 Olympic Games, the area around the Eiffel Tower will become more green, as well as the most famous square, Place de la Concorde.

One of the most ambitious plan is certainly the makeover of Champs-Élysées which will completely transform one of the most famous avenues in the world.

All in all, Paris is focusing on reducing car use and encouraging travel on foot and public transport for years now and is definitely on its way of becoming the greenest city in Europe.

Photo: walkerssk