Music and sports as signs of better days ahead of Italy

Winning the EURO 2020 Championship was for many Italians a symbol of rebirth and one of the hopeful signs of better days ahead for the country who suffered a lot during coronavirus pandemic.

A couple of months before this victory, Italy received an unexpected boost when Måneskin, a young glam-rock band from Rome, won the Eurovision conquest and is bringing the event back to Italy after more than three decades.

Another big moment happened just hours before the EURO 2020 victory – Roman tennis champion Matteo Berrettini became the first Italian to reach the men’s single finals in Wimbledon. For that occasion, mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi wrote on her Twitter account: “Thank you for the dream and emotions that you provided us. You have been a true lion on the tennis court. Rome is proud of you and we are waiting for you at the Campidoglio”.

The latest achievement, the victory at EURO 2020, was watched by millions of people accross Italy. The cheer from Rome football fans when Italy won the Euro 2020 final was so loud that it was picked up by equipment used to monitor earthquakes. The phenomenon is known to occur for non-natural reasons, such as mining or industrial activity, however in this particular incidence it was as a result of cheers of joy, reports Wanted in Rome. The collective roars produced vibrations in the ground which the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) detected as an earthquake from its seismic station at Montecelio north of Rome.

The success of the Azzurri is attributed largely to manager Roberto Mancini who steered the team to Euro victory after Italy’s disappointment of not qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.

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