Mayor Vallo awarded the people who contributed to form a better city for everyone

After a one-year break, mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo, awarded important personalities of Bratislava who contributed to form a better city through their actions and ideas. Every resident and inhabitant of Bratislava who made an exceptional contribution to Bratislava can become the winner.
The award of the Mayor of Bratislava is a graphic of Bratislava created by the academic painter Miroslav Cipár.

Mayor Vallo stated on social media: “The aim of the ceremony is to thank and show our appreciation towards people who go beyond their comfort limits to help others. Bratislava is not just a city, it is about the people who live in it and give it a shape, life and soul. In fact, they decide what our city is and will be like. Their behavior, actions and deeds define the atmosphere in the city.

When I look back in the last year and a half, I am proud of our city. I am proud of the people of Bratislava. We spent a year together that no one was ready for. I do not know what awaits us in the autumn, but I know that we went through the last year mainly because we can work together, listen and support each other. I am extremely grateful for that”.

Here is the list of Mayor of Bratislava Award 2021 winners:

Co-founders of the Mountain Park Foundation, Maria Filková and Kamil Procházek, for their personal contribution to the enhancement of the Mountain Park and for their contribution to building a more pleasant and greener Bratislava

Founders of the Homeless Theater, Patrik Krebs and Uršula Kovalykfor, for their nspiring work with marginalized groups of people and for completing the identity of Bratislava as a city for all.

Member of the Bratislava Convention of the Merciful Brothers, Brother Richard Jombík, for his exceptional expression of humanity and for completing the identity of Bratislava as a city in which everyone’s human dignity matters

Top athlete Mr. Imrich Ozorákfor, an important and long-term organizer of athletic events, for special contribution in the field of athletics development and for merits in creating sports opportunities for children and youth in Bratislava

The COVID Heroes Collective Prize for great personal commitment and dedication in caring for seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic will be awarded to eight women. Each of them represents one facility for the elderly and a whole team of this facility, which took care of our parents, grandparents, close and distant relatives in difficult conditions during the challenging past year and this year.

One of the biggest threats of the past pandemic year was when the virus reached one of the most vulnerable groups of the population – our seniors. The staff of the facilities for the elderly gave incredible performances:

Mrs. Vlasta Ležovičová, from the Petržalka Home for the Elderly

Mrs. Anna Kováčová, from the Gerium facility

Mrs. Terézia Beňová from the House of the Third Age

Mrs. Ingrid Silvánová from the Archa facility

Ms. Renáta Gomoláková from the Home of Autumn Life

Mrs. Katarína Blažeková from Home by the Cross

Mrs. Dagmar Perhalová, from the Lamač Home for the Elderly

And as the eighth, Iranian medical student Maryam Zarinshad won the Mayor’s Award, helping out in several facilities during the Christmas holidays.

During the awards ceremony, the mayor also awarded two special recognitions and gratitude for lifetime contributions. At the beginning of the gala evening, a special recognition was given for his lifelong contribution in the field of art and for his active participation in the Bratislava City Choir, Mr. Ladislav Holásk (laureate of the Mayor’s Award from 2010), who dedicated his entire life to music. At the end of the awards ceremony, a special thank you and recognition was given for the vital contribution in the field of art and for the artistic cultivation of the cultural environment of Bratislava, Mr. Miroslav Cipár (laureate of the Mayor’s Award from 2001), who is a co-founder of the competition show of original illustrations of children’s books at the Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations and the author of many logos that complete the cultural identity of the city of Bratislava.


Photo credit: Matus Vallo/Linkedin