Mayor König Jerlmyr attended the opening of the Innovation and Sustainability days in Skärholmen

Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr attended the opening of the Innovation and Sustainability days in Skärholmen, where the Plug and Play innovation lab is located. 

The aim of Plug and Play is that startup companies, together with investors and established companies, can work on the development and implementation of new technologies. Via Plug and Play, participants get access to the world’s largest innovation platform.

Mayor König Jerlmyr stated via social media: “I had the honor to kick-off the innovation and sustainability days in Skärholmen where Plug and Play’s new innovation hub was inaugurated. The innovation center in Skärholmen will be the first in the Nordic region and will increase the attractiveness of the whole southern Stockholm. Thanks to investments such as Plug & Play, the city further grows through companies and people who want to develop an innovative, climate-smart and sustainable Stockholm”.

She continued: “There must exist good conditions for companies and entrepreneurs to flourish and create new jobs. Opportunities exist and we are in full strength to take advantage of them by 2040 to achieve the City of Stockholm’s vision of becoming fossil-free and climate-positive at the same time as we increase growth. I wish all Skärholm residents and visitors exciting and rewarding upcoming days!”

Plug and Play innovation lab is the world’s largest innovation platform which started with its first innovation lab in Silicon Valley – and now located in 45 different places in the world. The innovation lab in Skärholmen Centrum is the first that Plug and Play establishes north of Hamburg and thus their first in the Nordic region.

Among the approximately 1,000 startups that have emerged via Plug an Play since 2008 there are companies such as Dropbox, SoundHound, Google, PayPal, Lending Club and Hippo. Over the years, Plug and Play’s start-up portfolio has raised a total of just over $ 10 billion in risk financing and created over 200,000 jobs, directly and indirectly.


Photo credit: Anna Hunko/Unsplash