London is the most intelligent and future-proof city in the world

A study which identifies the leading 50 smart cities globally based on how they are adopting new technologies to improve their sustainability and liveability has proclaimed London as the most intelligent and future-proof city in the world. 

The study released by tech parking company EasyPark began by assessing several thousand cities around the world and looked at those smart cities that are leading the way in implementing the use of new technologies.

Understanding that cities face different challenges depending on their population, the study was split into three size categories: metropolitan areas with more than three million inhabitants, between 600,000 and three million inhabitants, and between 50,000 and 600,000 inhabitants.

The result of the study reveals the top 50 highest ranking smart and future-proof cities worldwide in each category.

London ranks first in the largest city size category followed by US cities New York and San Francisco. Citizens in San Francisco were found to have adopted new technologies most widely of the cities in this size category.

Danish capital Copenhagen ranked highest in the 600,000 to three million people group of cities followed by Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway.

Lund, Sweden, ranks as the most intelligent and future-proof city with a population of between 50,000- and 600,000 people, followed by Stavanger, Norway, and Espoo, Finland.

To establish how technologically advanced and sustainable a city is, researchers retrieved data from sources like the World Bank, the Economist, the International Monetary Fund and the Lancet.

Source: smartcitiesworld. Photo credit: Eva Dang/Unsplash