Gothenburg: a city which keeps going from smart to smarter

Swedish city Gothenburg has been receiving so many titles in the past years for their hard work, and we will mention just some of those: it got awarded by European Commission as The European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020, the most sustainable destination according to Global Destination Sustainability Index, 2019, the second best large European city for human capital and lifestyle (fDi, 2020/21), second world’s smartest cities (Future Today Institute, 2019)…. Obviously, it is a city which is going from smart to smarter, and they are not stopping.

Besides being a hotspot for innovation and sustainable development and one of Europe’s fastest growing regions, in terms of patents per capita, Gothenburg is among the top 15 most inventive cities in the world. 

They are well aware that leading cities in the 21st century are built on innovation. That is why Gothenburg is a growing centre for life science, ICT, green transport solutions and more.

Check out the list of five international businesses that have been shaping the future directly from Gothenburg during the past year and what they focus on:

Zero-emissions car sharing
Green Mobility now has 100 zero-emissions cars on the city streets. Those can be booked through a mobile app that also acts as your key. The cars run on electricity from renewable sources and they are made with recycled plastic and recyclable materials.

Strengthening digital security
Global tech company HCL Technologies opened its first European Cybersecurity Fusion Centre in Gothenburg. The state-of-the-art hub protects organizations’ digital assets by rapidly detecting and averting cyber threats.

Reducing crowding in operating theatres
June Medical makes an innovative device that frees nurses from having to hold a surgical incision open. The Galaxy II helps reduce infection risks a big priority amid Covid-19.

Promoting international working
TCP Solutions helps companies without a local office meet legal obligations when bringing workers into Sweden. Dutch managing director Rick Schevers has himself just moved to Gothenburg. Now he’s making it easier for others to make an international move.

Smart bike sharing
German bike-sharing pioneer Nextbike now offers 1,750 bikes across a network of 135 stations in Gothenburg and Molndal. Customers can book a bike through a mobile app for a green, affordable and active way of getting around that helps make the city more liveable.


Photo credit David Mark for Pixabay