Krakow: a CEE’s gem for digital nomads

Every year, Poland attracts more and more curious tourists and people that want to live in the country. With amazing picture-perfect landscapes that stretch from the amber beaches of the Baltic Sea to the breathtaking peaks of the High Tatra mountains, Poland is considered to be one of the most breathtaking countries of Europe.

The country is located in Central Eastern Europe and it offers many impressive places to visit while you are in the country which is also why many digital nomads are attracted to it.

Digital nomadism is one of the fastest-growing trends in today’s world. More and more young people are attracted to the lifestyle full of traveling around the world and working from their laptops wherever they are.

This trend is constantly rising due to the appearance of more co-working spaces and the growth of online marketplaces and digital nomad tour services, especially during the pandemics where many people switched to online working.

Digital nomads are a population of independent workers who engage in remote work using different telecommunication technology.

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland but also in Europe. The city was officially acclaimed as the European Capital of Culture back in 2000. With its rich culture, history, and amazing architecture, this city became one of the must-visit locations for all digital nomads.

The city of Krakow, led by mayor Jacek Majchrowski, is one of the leading centers of Polish academic, economic, cultural, and artistic life. The city is surrounded by medieval castle walls, big, lush parks, beautiful streets and squares which all make Krakow a very unique city that is very popular for tourists. Krakow’s Old Town was declared the first UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site in the world in 1978 along with the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine.

With around 780,000 people living in the city, it is the second-largest city in the country which keeps on growing because of the thriving economy and private sector.
Polish is the official language but in Krakow, you can also hear Yiddish, Hebrew, Slovakian or Ukrainian. English is also widely spoken in the city, especially among the younger generation, and by many people working in the financial or economic center of the city which is a very important thing for digital nomads.

Krakow has become one of the best tech hub locations in Europe, with many corporations and start-up positions that attract lots of creative and young people.
Digital nomads are also attracted to the city because of its lively atmosphere, amazing food, and diverse nightlife.
Krakow is quite affordable for most types of travelers in comparison to Western Europe. Great low-budget accommodation options for digital nomads can be found throughout the city.

If you choose Krakow as your next location to visit, you shouldn’t worry about the internet connection. With approximately 1,350 hotspots all over the city that are located in bus and tram stops, hotels, cafés, restaurants, shopping centers, city center, libraries, parks, railway stations, and hotels, it makes the city a perfect place for digital nomads because with the internet access almost everywhere, one can work wherever they want from the smartphone or laptop. (photo credit: Dimitris Vetsikas/Pixabay)