Athens keeps on doing a great job with attracking more and more digital nomads

    The term digital nomads, premierly used in 1997, refers to people who, thanks to the use of telecommunications technologies can earn a living while conducting their life in a “nomadic manner”, working remotely from foreign countries.Although this way of living is getting more popular in the past few years, now during the pandemic and the period where most people are forced to work from home offices, the number of digital nomads is increasing more and more every day.

    One of the first countries that introduced Digital Nomads Visa is Croatia – effective January 1, 2021, this permit adds a brand new option for non-EU nationals to live in Croatia long term.

    Greece has also created a campaign to attract digital nomads from all around the world, and the This Is Athens campaign was created by the Municipality of the city during 2020 where you can hear the experiences of work-from-home employees (top professionals from big international corporations) from all around the world, that have moved to Athens over the past year, The protagonists also created the slogan of the campaign: Even the lockdown is more beautiful in Athens.

    Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, in his message for the campaign underlined: “Everything that professionals and employees describe about their experience in the capital shows something very important about Athens. We’re doing our best to become better for those who will choose Athens as a reference point for their work from a distance. We open ourselves to the world, not only with what our past and our history have to offer, but also for a more modern way of life in our city.”

    The Development and Tourism Promotion Company of the Municipality of Athens (EATA), started creating the ‘This Is Athens’ project in 2020, which was meant to become the official guide for visitors and tourists in Athens. Although this campaign was meant to be an official guide for tourists in Athens, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the direction of the project changed, with many people from abroad participating and presenting their unique experiences in Athens to the whole world.

    Many citizens of the countries where the campaign was presented have already moved to Athens, or have signed up to relocate to the capital of Greece for the duration of this pandemic.

    Additionally, numerous small business owners and freelancers settled in Greece during the pandemic and shared their experiences in the campaign as well, but you can find there also CEOs and top executives from large companies like Dell, Amazon, Pfizer, Microsoft and Google, among many others.




    Photo: Marcus Winkler for Unsplash