Vienna is joining the nationwide plan to relax some of the measures from May 19

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Starting from May 19, Vienna will officially join the nationwide plan to open restaurants, hotels, sporting and cultural events. From May 17, face-to-face lessons will also start again at schools.

Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig said: “On May 19th, we will reopen the cultural institutions in Vienna that are particularly close to my heart and also reopen the sports facilities in accordance with federal guidelines, as well as the hotel and catering trade,”.

The City is aware they are taking a risk with this reopening and mayor Ludwig urged Viennese to proceed with caution.

He added: “This opening will certainly be a middle ground, combining the desire to open up with responsibility for the safety and health of the population. We want to take these steps carefully, intelligently and sustainably.”

The state of Vorarlberg is the only one where the infection rates have been much lower and they have already relaxed some measures in March. Photo Michal Jarmoluk for Pixabay