Mayor Dipiazza: “76 years ago, a new, better Italy was born”

In compliance with Covid-19 measures, the 76th commemoration of the anniversary of the Liberation day took place on Sunday at the Risiera di San Sabba.

Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza said: “Seventy-six years ago, thanks to the resistance and the many personal and community suffering stories, a new, better Italy was born, which has imprinted in its Constitution the principles of freedom, peace and democracy. These were the words of many young people, women and men who, alongside the allied armies, fought and sacrificed their lives to become the values ​​on which our nation is founded and on which the European Union was born “.

Mayor Dipiazza continued: “Today with our people and all humanity, alongside the institutions and all the women and men working on the front line, we are united in a new resistance to combat the common enemy of the pandemic that has caused us suffering and grieve. Only by continuing to remain united in this struggle, we can come out better both individually and as a community”.

“it is with great pleasure, especially in this complex and difficult moment and in continuation with a path of pacification that I am pursuing in respect of differences and in the recognition of mutual sufferings, that I wanted to broaden the program of interventions also to the representative of the associations of partisans and ex deportees. The Liberation Day is not the flag of a faction, it is a symbol because it is the heritage of the whole nation ”, concluded mayor Dipiazza. 

The celebration continued with religious rites, both Catholic and Hebrew. At the end there was a short musical intervention by Tatiana Malalan, accompanied by the accordion of Miran Pecenik, representing the Triestine Partisan Choir Pinko Tomažič – Tržaški partizanski pevski zbor Pinko Tomažič. Photo