Mayor Chu as ambassador of this years’ Darkness into Light event

The annual fund raising event for mental health charity Pieta House, Darkness into Light,  will take place on May 8.

This year, as group walks are not possible due to current Covid-19 restrictions, participants can walk, run, swim, hike, bike or share a sunrise together.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu is one of the ambassadors for this years’ event.

In 2020, Pieta received over 70,000 crisis calls and texts asking for help through the helpline, and they delivered 52,000 hours of therapy, said Elaine Austin, CEO of Pieta House: “We have all faced some incredible and daunting challenges over the last year. Pieta is here to support all of those in suicidal crisis and our free counselling has continued, uninterrupted throughout the Covid lockdowns. Our clinical team provides services over the phone, via text and in-person in twenty centres nationwide and, since last year, we now provide free counselling over video.”

Senator Eileen Flynn, also an ambassador of the event, said: “There is always hope and you’re never alone although you feel very very lonely and you find it very hard to reach out. Trust me, you’re never alone in your feelings. Thanks to Pieta, there is always someone you can reach out to when you need someone to listen. And when somebody does listen, life always gets better. The night cannot last forever and after the darkness there is always the sunshine – a new day full of fresh starts and a new possibility. Hang in there. You came this far and you can go farther.” Photo credit