Lord Mayor Feldmann: “Thank you, dear children”

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The dark times of winter and the long lockdown not only troubled the adults, but also the little citizens of the city of Frankfurt. Now the sun is showing up more and more and the corona numbers also give hope that the lockdown will come to an end. What could be nicer than setting an example for this hope: yesterday, over 50 daycare centers, after-school care centers and youth clubs donated light to the city.

“City of Lights” is the name of the campaign, for which jam jars were painted and pasted in around 50 care facilities in Frankfurt. Every child designed a glass to create a sea of ​​lanterns.

The campaign’s patrons are Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann and Head of Education Sylvia Weber. Together they visited the Children’s Center Idsteiner Straße where 60 children had designed lanterns. Three siblings lit the candles on behalf of all daycare children.

Originally, the glasses were to be placed in front of the facilities in December and provided with a candle. Because of the lockdown, however, the Frankfurters and the children had to wait a little longer.

Lord Mayor Feldmann said: “I am overwhelmed! What a beautiful picture and what great commitment we have shown here. The idea that children give our Frankfurt, its citizens and themselves a light in these difficult times is great. Thank you, dear children“.

Feldmann was very moved by the response to the campaign: “Just two days after the registrations had started, over 30 facilities had registered – kindergartens, youth clubs and after-school care centers. Today more than 50 care facilities participated and they are spread over the entire city – from Höchst and Nied via Harheim, Niedereschbach, the city center to Bergen and Fechenheim – everyone is there. “

“The children of this city give us a positive sign with their lights, a sign of hope in these difficult times. I am very grateful for that. I would like to thank all participating institutions and, above all, I would like to thank all employees in the childcare facilities. They have been keeping our facilities open and making their contribution to maintaining our social life every day at high personal risk, “said Weber.

Maren Ahrens-Scheid, Head of the Children’s Center Idsteiner Straße, said: “The lit lights are symbols in front of our children’s center to show the families that we are mentally connected, even if can’t be all together now due to the pandemic”.

“Our personal thanks goes to everyone who took part in the Frankfurt – City of Lights campaign, ”said Feldman and Weber.


photo © Salome Roessler