First modern animal shelter to open in Athens

The City of Athens will soon open its first modern shelter for stray animals. It will be located in the district of Votanikos and will host a maximum of 90 animals. “The shelter of Socrates“, named in the memory of one of the most popular stray dogs that lived in Athens, will include a spacious courtyard and equipment to house stray dogs in decent and safe conditions.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis said: “The shelter of Socrates is a shelter for our soul. It is a requirement for every modern, human city. It is the effort we make to change the lives of stray animals in Athens… Their protection and health is the foundation of culture, everyday life and hygiene in all our neighborhoods”.

Five people will be employed in Socrates shelter which will be guarded on a 24-hour basis. They will take care of cleanliness and socialization of dogs, in collaboration with volunteer trainers. Citizens are also welcome to come and volunteer in the shelter. and so far, 600 people registered.

Besides the shelter, the city of Athens has also launched a new website where people can get all the necessary infomation on adoptions.

Photo credit GTP