Dublin: “If it’s outdoor dining then let’s have the best, for everyone”

The whole world has been under the pandemics some kind of soft or hard lockdown for one year now. It has been difficult for everyone, however one of the most hit industries is certainly tourism and hospitality industry, which still remain closed due to Covid-19 restrictions and it’s expected that businesses that can offer outdoor dining facilities will be allowed to reopen ahead of those that don’t. In Dublin, one restaurant suggested a way to continue their work, but in the same way to promote less traffic and more fresh air for all residents. “If it’s outdoor dining then let’s have the best, for everyone. Let’s make our city a strolling one. Pedestrianise our 110 metre Merrion Row and support its 12 hospitality businesses and their 100s and 100s of staff”, said Hugo’s Restaurant from Dublin.

They added that they have ‘put in a submission to Dublin City Council through their Public Consultation Strategic Issues Paper 2022-28,’ to which Lord Mayor Hazel Chu replied: “I’ve asked the traffic section and CEO about this. The issue was diverting the left turn traffic from Kildare Street. I’ll ask again and see about modelling”.

Hugo’s responded: “We proposed that Hume St/Ely Place be reversed & to divert the traffic off there onto Baggot St. Dublin Bus said it was do-able. Existing Ely traffic to be diverted onto Pembroke to access Green. Merrion Row is wall to wall hospitality. No need for any traffic”.

The team at Hugo’s want to “create wonderful, colourful, safe, outdoor living spaces. Bars, restaurants, cafes, street theatre and bandstands”. They say that  “Merrion Row could become the cultural corridor between St. Stephens Green and Merrion Square, a walking link between our national museums and art galleries”.


photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo for Unsplash.