Mayor of Paterna: “GUARDIAN is the most ambitious fire protection project in Europe”

Europe’s most ambitious fire prevention project, GUARDIAN (“Green Urban Actions for Resilient fire Defence of the Interface Area”) is a project intended to increase resilience to fire in the area of Túria Natural Park.

The initiative is led by Paterna Town Hall, Riba-roja de Túria Town Hall, Hidraqua, Medi XXI, Valencia University, The Polytechnic University of Valencia and Cetaqua. Túria Natural Park is also collaborating in this project. Each of the partners is developing a part of this global project that actively contributes to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the UN.

Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo Marco, said via social media: “Preventive forestry and humidity management are the two main parts of the innovative project GUARDIAN, the most ambitious fire prevention project in Europe, which is being carried out in Paterna and Ribarroja. GUARDIAN already stands out as an Innovative Urban Action of the European Union, providing solutions to new urban challenges, helping to protect the population from forest fires through a self-defense system that reduces the intensity of the fire and its progression”.

The GUARDIAN project is now in the process of executing green firebreaks and forest management to protect the area from fire. 40 fixed towers will be in charge of moistening the forest territory of these natural enclaves.

The creation of defensive areas through green firebreaks is one of the main lines of action of the GUARDIAN project, as well as protecting the residential areas from the risk of possible fires, which over the years have proliferated on both banks of the Túria.

For a few months the Medi XXI GSA team has been carrying out sustainable forest management tasks consisting of clearing, thinning and pruning of the areas bordering the Masía de Traver and Els Pous in Riba-roja, and La Canyada in Paterna. These are the most vulnerable areas to be affected with a possible uncontrolled fire.

Photo credt Veeterzy for Unsplash