Le Havre: Digitisation and rationalisation of cargo handling

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Although the historical view on ports relationships is considered difficult to maintain, French Smart Port City programme has the goal to integrate the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris, which now work together as one unit, paying particular attention to things as digitisation and rationalisation of cargo handling.

Edouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre said: “The Smart Port City programme is a shared ambitious goal to make Le Havre a port complex that stands as a benchmark for the ability to innovate. This remarkable partnership-based effort around 5G will give the port of Le Havre a core technology conducive to the invention of novel applications able to be duplicated subsequently elsewhere in the world.”

Thanks to more technology, new progress is constantly being made. For example, the implementation of 5G would notably provide improvements and greater safety for the daily dredging campaigns in the channels and docks.

Baptiste Maurand, CEO of Haropa – Port of Le Havre, said for Handyshippingguide: “5G offers interesting possibilities for making the port more competitive. For example, it can help us improve communications between sea and land. Just having a network-connected port navigational area will enable us to optimise certain operations that are essential to safe navigation in the port. It will also allow us to gather multiple types of data (weather, seabed conditions, and so on) for greater precision and efficiency. The primary beneficiaries will be our customers, among them the 6,000 ships that call at our port every year”.


Photo credit Pixabay