MoE 2021 report: Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis

Reports & Analyses

Throughout 2021, Mayors of Europe (MoE) has carefully followed the work of mayors from all the EU countries, their best practices and positive examples which we strongly believe can become the inspiration for the rest of European leaders.

We are presenting one of the top 5 mayors in 2021: Kostas Bakoyannis, mayor of Athens. 

From opening numerous pocket parks to appointing the first European Chief Heat Officer, mayor Bakoyannis is indeed a role model when talking about the fight against the climate change, always with strong focus and innovative approach.

In 2021, mayor Bakoyannis also focused on infrastructure projects, smart city development and tourism promotion: he carried out various projects and is successfully leading the city of Athens on the challenging road of urban transformation.

Some of the highlights by Mayors of Europe regarding mayor Bakoyannis’ accomplishments in 2021 are available on this link in PDF format.