Winter Olympic festival comes to Brno


The city of Brno, led by mayor Markéta Vaňková, will welcome the Olympic Festival that will take place at the Nová Zbrojovka complex near Brno Židenice train station. This site will transform into an attractive winter sports destination and it will welcome anyone who is interested in the Festival.

The festival will be held from February 4th – 20th, and the visitors will have free entry from 9 am. The opening ceremony will begin at 11 am on February 4th, when the Olympic torch will leave the city center. 

The penultimate runner will be the tennis star Lucie Šafářová, the face of the summer Olympic Festival in Brno, who will hand over the torch to the ambassador for this year’s event, figure skater Tomáš Verner. He will then light the torch of the Olympic Festival on the stage and the festival will begin.

This festival is special because it will offer many different sports including those that are less popular such as the snowpark and ski jump and it will also contain activities such as cross-country skiing trail and skating track.

Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková said: “I would like to invite all schoolchildren and their parents and grandparents to enjoy the first day of the Olympic Festival and spend the half-year holiday actively. I believe that the opportunity to try different sports in one place will help bring children to sports”.

The festival promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages people to start doing different sports.

It is expected that 3,000 children from around 60 different schools will visit the Olympic festival. The children will be able to choose between approximatly 20 winter sports, including biathlon, bobsleigh, and snow volleyball.

The children will also receive free snacks while enjoying the program of the festival in the presence of many professional athletes. 

Transport is arranged for all the visitors that are interested in visiting the festival. 

Shuttle buses are arranged with the Brno Transport Company, and they will depart from stops at Vojenská, Stará Osada, and Židenice train station, which will bring visitors to the gates of the complex. (photo credit:M. Schmerkova / MMB)