Vilnius plans to create public space in reimagined centre of Šnipiškės neighbourhood


Vilnius is planning to reshape Kintos Square in Šnipiškės neighbourhood by the end of next year.

The city launched the project under Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius, noting that the first contractors did not fulfil their obligations and announcing a new tender.

The city pointed out that both sides agreed to terminate the contract signed last year as contractors faced internal problems that made it impossible for them to fulfil their obligations.

According to plans, the new square will be a public space in the centre of Šnipiškės neighbourhood.

City authorities pointed out that the square will have parking spaces and be suitable for holding concerts, fairs and other events.

The reshaped square will boast a raised terrace, playgrounds for children, a sports area with outdoor exercise equipment and more.

Landscaping will be styled after a city garden, with authorities planning to plant ornamental fruit trees including Manchurian walnuts, chestnuts and apples as well as willows and Japanese rowans.

The project is part of broader efforts aimed at redesigning and improving Šnipiškės, with city authorities reminding that pedestrian and cycling areas have been adapted in recent months.

Vilnius is also building a Japanese garden in the neighbourhood in line with Eastern traditions which is slated for opening next year and will provide contrast against surrounding skyscrapers.