Urban Tech Helsinki: an excellent addition to Helsinki’s innovation ecosystem

The City of Helsinki and Aalto University are setting up an incubator for locally based start-ups. Urban Tech Helsinki will focus on clean energy, mobility, sustainable construction, the circular economy, waste management and urban food production. It will help create innovative and growth-oriented companies that are focused on solving the challenges faced by modern cities.

The goal of Urban Tech Helsinki is to draw new experts and businesses to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and to support and accelerate the formation and early growth of research-oriented companies.

Additional aims of the incubator activities are to support the burgeoning of research-based innovations into international business and cooperate closely with large enterprises that invest in sustainable urban solutions, reports Smart Cities World.

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori said: “Urban Tech Helsinki is an excellent addition to Helsinki’s innovation ecosystem, because the city wants to take a more active role as a platform for interesting and results-oriented innovations that seek solutions to the greatest global challenges of our time and generate new export opportunities. I am confident that by offering a functional city as a platform for local companies, Helsinki has every chance to attract the best talent and ideas, even from other countries. As an investment in Helsinki’s capacity to reinvent itself, Urban Tech Helsinki enables the development of world-class innovations in an entirely new way.”

Urban Tech Helsinki will also promote the strategic partnership goals of the City of Helsinki and Aalto University, which include international cooperation, visibility, communication partnerships and providing employment for international experts. The cooperation agreement between Helsinki and Aalto University with regard to the Urban Tech Helsinki activities will remain in effect 2021–2025. The goal is to open applications for the incubator in June 2021. Photo Kosti Keistinen/Pixabay