UK’s digital transformation progress


The digital transformation market is one of the biggest markets in the world today, and almost every country in the world is making many efforts in digitizing and simplifying everyday life. Digitalization is a key innovation that can drastically change the growth of one country and offer numerous opportunities for many organizations to strengthen their market position. Companies and institutions that embrace digital transformation perform better, are more dynamic, have higher labor productivity, grow faster, have better management practices, and create higher-paying jobs.

One of Europe’s leading countries in digital transformation is the United Kingdom.

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), United Kingdom ranks 8th with a score of 60.4 among 27 EU Member States in the 2020 edition.

Digital growth in UK has become one of the most important topics since the beginning of the pandemic, and the country has made some impressive changes in the digital area.

Currently, the countries with the largest digital economies are the US ($771 billion), China, ($317 billion), and Japan ($164 billion). However, while UK is further away from the leaders,  its digital economy is more than 10 times smaller than the US. Taking into account all the statistics, UK is punching above its weight at the moment.

The research by Strategy& suggests that the UK’s digital economy is already ahead of many European countries and that it hasn’t reached its full potential yet.

The country is making new efforts in digitalization that will further improve people’s lives and make them easier in many aspects, but it will also help many more companies in achieving their long-term goals. 

In 2022, UK launched the initiative led by the DDaT and Commercial Functions of Government that supports public sector organizations to build a better cloud strategy and to better support cross-functional collaboration and a joined up approach to cloud adaptation. 

It also aims to support the government by providing an effective way to gain benefits from using the cloud.

Technology is constantly changing our everyday life and simplifying it by offering new data and services.

The UK is putting a lot of effort into trying to modernize and digitize many different aspects and details of UK citizens’ lives, and many changes in the health and education system are now being noticed.

The use of technology for educational purposes has now become a practice in the UK, with many schools already using the new digitized programs for many lessons and topics. The digitized healthcare system is also becoming more common in the country. 

The rise of online banking has also been a part of the UK’s digital transformation. Now, many banks in the UK allow handling cash flow almost entirely online or with mobile apps.

UK capital, London, has set many priorities for the further digitalization of the city which will improve the city’s digital connectivity to make it the best-connected city in Europe. 

Digital connectivity will also support smart technologies in terms of the collection of important data which will build a better environment for the citizens. (photo credit: wikimedia)