Two new schools and several positive changes in Vilnius education

The mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Šimašius, presented two completely new schools – in Pašilaičiai near Perkūnkiemis and Balsiai.

“We will not stop at that – the design of Pilaitė’s new school has been completed. The school will be extremely aesthetic and modern, and the whole process of the design competition and talking to the community has been exemplary, and (if all goes well with public procurement), students will already be attending it in two years.” the mayor pointed out.

The mayor commended the improvements and extensive renovation that was carried out in 9 schools and 2 kindergartens, minor repairs were carried out in many institutions. But even more than new schools and a landscape makeover, more important and more significant things are happening inside schools. One of them is that this year are introducing IT lessons for beginners in 26 schools, with the help of private partners.

“Our children are growing up in a city that is increasingly helping them become truly free, truly responsible, and truly creative personalities ready for the future.“ the mayor stated.