Timisoara continues preparations for European Capital of Culture year


The Romanian city of Timișoara, led by Mayor Dominic Fritz, will hold the European Capital of Culture title in 2023. It will host several cultural events throughout the course of one calendar year, and the preparations are already in full swing.

Theresia Bastion in Timisoara has undergone a RON 1.6 million makeover as the city on the Bega River gets ready for its year as the European Capital of Culture, reports Romania-Insider.

The paving was cleaned and restored as part of this new project. Along with repairing the walls, work was done on the wooden pedestrian platforms.

The bastion is a section of the defensive wall of the former Timisoara Citadel, and it was constructed between 1730 and 1735.

“The bastion is now more attractive for tourists. We’ll have in 2023 a landmark worthy of a European Capital of Culture, a well-kept and well-developed space, as we like to see in the great European cities,” said Alin Nica, president of the Timis County Council.

The project European Capital of Culture was established in order to emphasize the diversity of European cultures, strengthen relationships amongst European citizens, and foster cultural interaction.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Timisoara’s European Capital of Culture program was postponed from its original 2021 start date to the next year.

Timișoara is the second Romanian city to have been chosen as a European Capital of Culture after Sibiu in 2007. (photo credit:  Laura Ghise/Unsplash)