The Seville City Council invests 12 million euros in internships and training for 675 unemployed people

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The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, and the delegate of Social Welfare, Employment and Comprehensive Social Transformation Plans, Juan Manuel Flores, specifically thanked all the companies that have committed to this program and highlighted the qualification of all the young people who participated in the initiative as a gateway to the labor market during an event attended by a representation of companies and young people from this first program of Redes +.

The City Council launches this second semester paid internships and training itineraries with scholarships for 675 unemployed people through the Redes + program that will reach 2,340 places in the coming years with 12 million euros of financing.

The Seville City Council, through the Delegation of Employment, Social Welfare, and Comprehensive Plans for Social Transformation, will activate this second semester of 2020 paid internships and training itineraries with a certificate of professionalism with scholarships for 675 unemployed people through the Redes + program. This initiative, which has 80% financing from the European Social Fund, has a total budget for the next three years of 12 million euros and a forecast of reaching 2,340 places.

This job placement plan has started this second semester of 2020 with a first internship program in companies of 195 young people with training and graduates who have received a scholarship for an amount of 13.45 euros a day in six different professional itineraries, specifically:

  • community animator;
  • computer programmer;
  • computer technician in data mining;
  • film, video, and television camera;
  • child education technician;
  • tourist companion.

For the implementation of this initiative that is being now developed, the city council has found the collaboration of 65 companies of different sectors and sizes that have signed agreements to collaborate in the initiative.