The Forest-Wood-Climate Days take place in Graz


The Forest-Wood-Climate Days, a series of events centered on forestry and climate protection, takes place from June 21 through June 30 in the Austrian city of Graz.

Mayor of Graz Elke Kahr stated on social media: ‘’The Graz city government has a great responsibility to ensure that our forest is doing well. The forest is important for good climate. It is an economic and recreational area. Its protection is in everyone’s interest.’’

The mayor of Austria’s third-largest city also stated that the City of Graz was able to acquire six hectares of forest at Plabutsch in April this year, with the main goal being sustainable management. She also stated that the purchase was also a ‘’clear wish’’ of many people in Graz.

‘’The city of Graz has set a good example in building with wood and is a pioneer in multi-storey residential construction with wood. The first wooden high-rise in passive construction in Austria was built on the site of the Hummelkaserne barracks. At the time, I was a city councillor for housing and very proud of this successful project,’’ Mayor Kahr further stated.

According to New York Passive House, the Passive House construction standard uses a mix of energy efficiency, passive solar heating, and internal heat gains to significantly lower space heating needs and enable more straightforward means of supplying required heat.

The energy consumption limits are developed through extensive research on climate change imperatives, economic feasibility, building durability, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality. (photo credit: Freepik)