Stuttgart aims to be climate-neutral by 2035


The German city of Stuttgart aims to become climate-neutral by 2035. Mayor of Stuttgart Frank Nopper announced that the decision was made by the council with a large majority and sealed in a pact.

Mayor Nopper stated on social media: ‘’A very ambitious goal: It is necessary that we win over the entire Stuttgart city society and our business community and do not polarise, but convince. We have to take people’s needs, concerns, and hardships seriously and act in a socially responsible way.’’

The European Parliament states that carbon neutrality is attained when a zero balance, also known as a zero carbon footprint, is left in the atmosphere between the amount of CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere and the amount that is removed through various methods.

The expansion of photovoltaics on Stuttgart’s rooftops and investment in additional renewable energies are the policies that are expected to play the biggest role in the city’s attempt to become climate-neutral.

‘’Our path to climate neutrality takes place primarily in electricity and heat, which account for 84% of CO-2 emissions in our city. A capital injection of 100 million euros will enable our municipal utilities to invest in renewable energies,’’ Mayor Nopper explained.

The “Net Zero Stuttgart” study, which the city created in collaboration with the management consultants McKinsey & Company, serves as the foundation for achieving climate neutrality, it was stated on the official website of the city of Stuttgart. (photo credit:Jan Böttinger/Unsplash)