Sharon Dijksma’s plans for even greener Utrecht


Sharon Dijksma is a Dutch politician who has been serving as mayor of Utrecht since 2020. She is the 332nd mayor of the city. Before becoming mayor of Utrecht, Dijksma was the Alderman for Traffic and Transport, Water and Air Quality with the Municipality of Amsterdam. She was born on 16 April, 1971 in Groningen.

Since she has taken over the mayor’s office, Dijksma has been dedicated to making a more vibrant, creative, inspirational environment for leading innovations in the city. Utrecht has been developing from a medium-sized provincial city into a regional capital of European importance and is the fastest growing city and the most healthy city in the Netherlands.

One of the top priorities for mayor Dijksma is to make the city greener end more environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, Dijksma has launched the new eHUBS project. The main aim of this program is to improve the quality of life through smart usage of mobility. This program also encourages the smart use of transport which can make urban mobility a lot cleaner and more efficient. At the same time, more public space is being created on the streets for pedestrians and cyclists. Also, green spaces are now more common in the city, since mayor Dijksma has been investing in green infrastructure by facilitating green initiatives for parks and green districts.
These projects are all created with a goal to improve the quality of life in the city with a focus on healthy urban living for the citizens by providing cleaner air and regulating climate change as much as possible. (photo credit: wikimedia)