Seville earns important accolade in 2020 Andalucian Environment Award


During 2019, the Port Authority of Sevilla along with the management of the wetland area and to promote the marshes as a sustainable and bio-diverse destination.

The Port Authority of Sevilla has won a 2020 Andalucian Environment Award for its work on birdlife conservation.

The Port Authority was instrumental in the creation of the lagoons, which used land dredged from the clearing of the port area to plant in the wetlands.

A largely rice farming area, a substantial portion of the low laying lagoon are protected and maintained to act as a home and breeding ground for dozens of species of birds.

Commonly seen mammals in the Las Marismas area include deer, lynx, and wild boar, as well as vultures, flamingos, herons, and ducks.

It is also the only known area in Andalucía that the elusive Spanish Imperial Eagle can be found.