Seville as a gastronomic destination to promote national tourism and support the hospitality industry


The City Council, through Turismo de Sevilla in collaboration with the Saborea España platform, is participating in a national campaign to promote the gastronomic destination under the slogan ‘Seville, with you it tastes better’, which includes four gastronomic routes with fifty catering establishments. Specifically, the routes cover the wide variety of Sevillian cuisine and are Tradition and avant-garde, Classic gastronomy, Seville according to its chefs and Local products.

This initiative is part of the measures to promote Sevillian gastronomy included in the Plan8 for the reactivation of tourism and support for the hotel and restaurant industry as a whole and reinforces the collaboration model between cities to promote national tourism for the autumn. The Saborea España network brings together the gastronomic destinations in the country.

In the case of the Tradition and avant-garde route, there are restaurants and bars that precisely fuse tradition and avant-garde in cuisine, as well as some places linked to the agro-industry of distinctive products. Classic Gastronomy is set aside for places of great tradition in the capital not only for their cuisine but also for the atmosphere, as well as traditional confectionery establishments. The Seville according to its chefs route includes leading names in the expansion of the city’s gastronomic offer in the past 15 years, giving way to a generation of young entrepreneurial managers and new chefs. And finally, in Local products there is a tour of several establishments that best take care of the selection of their products, betting on the raw materials of the nearest agricultural and fishing production (the province of Seville and the fish markets of Huelva and Cádiz).

A promotional video titled “Dream, come back to Seville” has been produced as support of the campaign to motivate the visit to Seville as a gastronomic destination in compliance with the rules regarding health safety against contagion by COVID-19, in collaboration with Lalola, Abantal, and Hotel Doña María.

The promotional campaign of the Saborea España network will be developed at three levels. The first is assigned to the entire national territory under the slogan ”With you it tastes better”. A second level will allow the different Saborea España destinations, including Seville, to run their personalized micro-campaign, targeting each destination, and enhancing the values and attractions of each area.

The ‘With you it tastes better’ campaign will be more widely disseminated through the digital platforms, especially on social media and through digital press, and will have an impact on the confidence and health security of destinations.

Taste Spain, which the Association of Gastronomic Destinations is a part of, is positioned as the first national platform aimed at promoting tourism and gastronomy in Spain and is made up of 21 Spanish tourist destinations. To this end, the main objective of the product club is to ensure that the gastronomic products of the territory are authentic tourist experiences. La Coruña, Badajoz, Cambrils, Ciudad Real, Dénia, Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote, Logroño, Madrid, Segovia, Salamanca, Seville, Tenerife, Trujillo, Tudela, Valencia, Valladolid Vinarós, and Zaragoza are currently the gastronomic destinations that form the Saborea España platform.

Silver Route

Likewise, Turismo de Sevilla will participate in a promotion in October on the occasion of the Vía de la Plata Route Day 2020, celebrated on September 18 and with activities for the rest of this month and October. On this date, the birth of Marco Ulpio Trajano (year 53) is commemorated, the first Roman emperor not from the Italian Peninsula and one of those who gave this Roman road its final shape and who provided it with infrastructure.

For the seventh consecutive year, towns in the four autonomous communities through which the Ruta Vía de la Plata runs have joined the initiative by adding different proposals to a program of activities open to citizens between September and October. The program has included everything from virtual visits and exhibitions to the holding of different kinds of workshops, gastronomic routes, or conferences to disseminate this cultural itinerary and invite to delve into the wealth of the historical past of this Roman road, as well as the traditions, history, and culture of the four autonomous communities and seven provinces through which it runs.

Seville is also promoting the initiative ‘Hispanics awake. The ages of wine’, a gastro-cultural tour with wine and food tasting and pairing.

The Network of Cooperation of Cities in the Ruta de la Plata is a non-profit association made up of cities located in the so-called Ruta Vía de la Plata and in its area of influence, whose objective is to publicize the extensive tourist resources of the populations that make it up and revalue the multiple attractions that this itinerary represents due to its variety and breadth.

Currently, the network is made up of the Cáceres Provincial Council and 29 municipalities: Gijón, Llanera, Ribera de Arriba, Morcín, Riosa, Mieres, Aller, Lena, La Pola de Gordón, León, La Bañeza, Benavente, Zamora, Béjar, Guijuelo, Baños de Montemayor, Hervás, Plasencia, Casar de Cáceres, Aldea del Cano, Mérida, Los Santos de Maimona, Zafra, Medina de las Torres, Calzadilla de los Barros, Fuente de Cantos, Montemolín, Carmona and Seville.