Rotterdam adds more solar panels in parking lots

The new Park the Sun app has been launched in Rotterdam. This app shows which parking areas are suitable for solar energy, how much energy can be generated, and what are the investments that can be recouped.

Many parking lots in the municipality of Rotterdam can be used more intelligently by combining covered parking with the generation of solar energy. The municipality sees great potential in covering parking lots as a form of sustainable energy generation.

At least 50 of these so-called solar carports must therefore be installed in Rotterdam over the next two years. The Park The Sun app provides insight into which areas are suitable for this.


Park The Sun can be used in Rotterdam and the province of Noord-Holland. For all municipalities in North Holland and the municipality of Rotterdam, including the port area, interested parties can explore the entire area and investigate an individual parking location. Each solar carport has a description with visible preconditions to be met, what are the investments and returns, and the application creates a visualization of the results.

Climate deal

The initiative is part of one of the 55 climate deals from the Rotterdam Climate Agreement, in which more than 100 Rotterdam companies and social organizations have made agreements about halving their CO2 emissions in the next ten years. The first solar carports in the Netherlands are now operational in Bloemendaal and Rotterdam.

„Rotterdam has the ambition to become a climate-neutral city,“ explains sustainability alderman Arno Bonte. „We, therefore, want to use as many places as possible to generate clean energy. With Park the Sun, we help parking lot owners, investors, and local energy cooperatives to create an interesting business case for generating solar energy.“