Rome continues with the clean-up actions


Since the start of his term as mayor of Rome in October 2021, Roberto Gualtieri focused on redeveloping of the Italian capital. His first projects included the reconstruction of various sites and an extensive waste clean up plan. 

Earlier this week, mayor of Rome launched a new action which aims at further cleaning up the city. He gathered over 80 different organizations, entities and volunteer groups for this work.

The action will start on April 2nd and is called “Rome takes care of Rome – my whole city“. This initiative both supports the involvement of groups and organizations and also puts a special focus on citizens’ participation.

Mayor Roberto Gualtieri stated: “This will be a day of celebration and participation. We aim at raising awareness of the waste problem in the city. This effort will not serve as replacement for the work that administration has to do”.

The plan for this action is already drafted and has various goals. All those who are willing to join can do so through a digital platform established by the City Council. The volunteers can join existing groups for the clean up, but can also establish new ones on the platform.

Mayor Gualtieri further added: “Our goal is to involve the Romans and the associations in a great initiative to promote the care and dignity of the city”.

This action also aims at enhancing the promotion of environmental responsibility throughout the citizens of Rome. (photo credit: agenzia Dire)