Brno’s major waterfront revitalization has officially started

Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková has started with a new project of renovating and transforming the Svratka waterfront which will improve the ecological condition of the river and protect the city from floods.

This big renovation began earlier this week and it is planned to transform more than three kilometers on both banks of the Svratka River, in the section from Riviera to the viaduct on Uhelná. 

When the project gets finished, the citizens will have much more public space in the area that will look far more attractive than now. Citizens are looking forward to taking long walks, relaxing, and doing sports in the newly renovated waterfront. 

This project is primarily focused on creating the infrastructure that will protect the city from floods and increase the capacity of riverbeds for flood management. The main water supply system will also be reconstructed, a 100-year-old sewer line, several bridges and footbridges, but the project will also make the area more peaceful and enjoyable. 

This space is designed to be safe and accessible to seniors, mothers with children and wheelchair users.

Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková stated: “The waterfront will get closer to the water level, and a beautiful recreational and leisure zone will be created. The environment will be accessible and suitable for wheelchairs, seniors, or mothers with children. Besides planting more than 600 new trees, a living area for people to meet will be created near Svratka”. 

The project preparations have already begun and the renovations are planned to last until October 2023. Total cost of the project is CZK 1.26 billion, with CZK 762 million of that to come from the European Commission’s National Recovery Plan.

Around 1,772 new trees will be planted along the waterfront in the next two years which will make the area much greener and environmentally friendly. (photo credit: Wikimedia)